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MarketCipher SmartData® Investment Strategy

MarketCipher’s SmartData® Investment strategy aims to deliver positive risk-adjusted returns regardless of the investing regime, by integrating proprietary human insights (MarketCipher SmartData®) with advanced quantitative techniques including artificial intelligence. The strategy is instituted by trading futures and options on futures.

MarketCipher SmartData®

Our MarketCipher SmartData® are human insights derived from years of research that are then ingested by artificial intelligence for weighting and optimization purposes.

Characteristics of our MarketCipher SmartData®:
  • Relevant – based on causality not correlation
  • Sustainable
  • Specific to each asset and time horizon
  • Comprehensive
  • Identifies both trends and regime shifts
  • Explainable

Investment Process

Whereas industry trends are toward employing “Big Data”, MarketCipher has developed unique intellectual property that feeds our MarketCipher SmartData® into artificial intelligence with the goal of optimal decision making.

Risk-Reward Investment Philosophy

MarketCipher has a disciplined and comprehensive risk management system called “MarketCipher Cover 5”.
This unique multi-layer risk management system is applied across each individual asset class.

Cover 5

  • Risk-reward quantification based on MarketCipher SmartData®
  • Options for downside protection at times.
  • Low margin-to-equity
  • Discretion for risk reduction
  • Stop losses as our last line of defense. (1)

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