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The MarketCipher Difference

The MarketCipher Difference

Independent Investment Advisor

Our incentives are completely aligned and there are no conflicts of interest with our clients.

SmartData Intellectual Property is Built-In-House

Independent strategies built from the backbone of our award-winning technology.

Institutional Service for Individuals

We strive to provide a premium experience that is normally only offered to large institutions such as family offices, endowments and pension funds.

Elite Team

Elite team with institutional backgrounds

How We Make A Difference

I created the Finance For All channel to democratize Finance and teach you how to invest like a pro. I believe Finance is like health, everyone has to deal with it so you might as well understand it. I have accumulated practical knowledge and expertise over the years and my goal is to pass it onto you.

Abdel Missa

River City Lacrosse Foundation

Our President, Michael Marrapese, founded the River City Lacrosse Foundation that has a mission to develop positive life and leadership skills amongst current and future lacrosse enthusiasts.

This foundation provides a professional support network for current, pre, and post-collegiate lacrosse enthusiasts in the Northern Florida region.

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River City Lacrosse Foundation


At MarketCipher, we have a passion for making a difference in the community and helping those in need. The firm is actively involved in helping our local Jacksonville Community.

MarketCipher was actively involved in helping our community combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Our Ethical Standard

Our culture is defined by our ethics and values. Every decision is guided by our strong character, creating lasting partnerships, and the relentless pursuit of perfection.

Character is more important to us than intellectual or technical capabilities. We act with integrity, respect, and we are accountable for our actions.


We strive to build a strong partnership with our clients, colleagues and community. We always think of our clients first and have our client’s best interest in mind.


We are uncompromising in seeking the truth and continuously challenge ourselves to achieve excellence.