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Individual Investor

We offer portfolio management services that meet your unique ambitions and modern investing needs. Our mission is to build your wealth over the long-term and preserve capital by constantly evaluating the investing environment. We strive to provide a premium experience that is normally only offered to large institutions such as family offices, endowments and pension funds.

Core Strategies

MarketCipher Equity Plus

Need help managing equity exposure in this unprecedented investing environment?

We utilize our industry expertise and cutting-edge technology to aid investors in managing their equity exposure with the goal of building sustainable wealth and capital preservation through equities.

MarketCipher Income

Worried about bonds and low interest rates? Are you a risk averse investor that is close to retirement?

Let MarketCipher use our advanced quantitative techniques to help you generate income through a more defensive strategy.

MarketCipher Impact

Want to be an impact investor that focuses on sustainable investing or the environment?

We offer custom strategies for investors that want to make a difference.